How I Got Rid of Pimples on Penis – My Story



Hey, Kevin here,

And you’re reading my story of how I get rid of pimples on the penis. A year since I started this website about how I cured bumps on the penis, appeared to me a strange bumps on the genital area.

Since then I have not had a permanent girlfriend, I was scared that some of my girls did not infected me. I went to a dermatologist and after the first review I got a referral for blood sampling. After blood tests, the analysis showed that I have no viral and bacterial diseases. Strange spots were on my penis, so my doctor prescribed me three types of creams that I need to try. I used the creams for three weeks each, but the bumps on the penis were still not cured.

It was a very difficult period for me. I would be very embarrassed to go out with the girls, knowing that I was somehow infected. I kept wondering what would happen if a girl noticed bumps on the penis, it would be a very uncomfortable situation and I would be embarrassed in any way. After that period, I again went to the doctor for review. Since that creams did not help, the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. But unfortunately, after two weeks and completing the treatment with medication pimples were still on my penis.

I did not know whether that are acne, warts, blisters or something else. So I decided to study the bumps on the skin.

I started surfing the Internet looking for a solution that would get rid of pimples on the penis. Basically it was written all over what is it in fact, but without any explanation on how to cure pimples.

Then I found a website on which was my solution. At first I was suspicious because I had to pay in order to get key information.  I decided to pay, not even cost a lot of money. What is a good time going out with friends compared with the time that I heal pimples on the penis.

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And I got much more than just how to remove pimples on the penis, because this is a miracle for any type of skin, all over body. It removes all kinds of bumps and tags from skin.

Pearly Papules on Penis



Small blisters on the edge of the glans penis are often a cause of concern young men. The expert called Hirsuties papillaris genitali, and Englishmen of them have a nice name: pearly penile papules. Typically where the papules appear the edge of the glans penis, called the corona (crown) of the glans penis. Papules are small growths that look like small pimples. Dotted with similar gems in one or several strings entire rim of the glans. Changes are round or slightly elongated, whitish, pink or yellowish white.

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Most men have a small number of papules less than 1 mm. About 10% have numerous, small, less than 1 mm papules arranged in several rows, but not beyond the edge of the head. Only rarely can be larger than a millimeter and switch off the crown of the head. With age usually become less noticeable.

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For the diagnosis is usually sufficient change in appearance, although sometimes resemble warts or molluscum contagiosum. Diagnosis can be confirmed by biopsy. Histological examination of tissue samples obtained are observed dilated thin-walled vessels, a number of fibroblast cells and connective tissue. HPV (human papilloma viral) that causes genital warts can not be isolated from Papua.

Acne or Pimples on the Penis



Acne on Skin

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin. They appear to change a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland. It is common to call acne pimples. Acne usually occur during puberty. There is no way to predict how long acne will keep the skin. During the same time they are withdrawn, but partly remain. Such bumps can occur anywhere on the skin and also on the penis.

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Typical injuries or wounds caused by acne are: comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and inflammatory cysts. They are more inflamed bumps with the reddish color forms that are filled with pus.

Apart from scars that occur as a result of acne, and because it occurs during puberty is usually characterized as a psychological form of self-confidence and reducing depression. So acne are some kind of pimples on penis.

Zits or Pimples on Penis



Zits on Skin

There is a difference between zits and pimples on penis. Zits occur due to poor hygiene, and also occur due to poor nutrition, especially of fatty foods or junk foods. Extra fat that is not digested passes through the bloodstream, and so finally emerges on the skin. Which means that zits do not choose a place on the skin where they will go out, and may also appear on the skin of the penis and any other genital areas.

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Zits are a type of pimples, and also appear on the penis, and so this is another kind of bumps on the penis. When mature enough zits it is round, around are red color and in the middle are white. It tends to drop alone, but we usually do not have time to wait, so we squeeze it out.

Pimples on Penis or Other Bumps on Skin



We live in a world where we have to take care of every step of the way. Problems with the skin are very frequent, especially because of the lack of hygiene. As of ours, and hygiene of other people around us. Pimples on penis skin can be transmitted by sexual partners as well.

Bumps on the skin are different types. They may be moles. They are usually brown and one hanging should be removed. Then there are warts. These are the bumps on the skin that require special treatment. Acne can occur in a very problematic skin. The process of their treatment can be very difficult. Blisters occur with burns as well as for frostbite. Also occur in viral and bacterial skin infections. But all of them are not incurable diseases.

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Some bumps on the skin is transmitted through contact with other people, and some are not, they are a matter of personal hygiene.

Pimples on Penis – What They Really Are?



Pimples on PenisPimples on penis are mostly white and appear to penis shaft. They are normally common phenomenon and because the skin in the genital weak breathing. At the head of the penis are also white spots appear and they are mainly Tison gland. They are also normal and no cause for concern.

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At the genital area can occur acne, but they are often the cause of poor hygiene. Appear, and also disappear on their own. Warts are transmitted by touch, so we must wash own hands. Blisters usually occur when it comes to a viral or bacterial infections, it may be accompanied by itching.